Boeing CEO: The company is on a ‘full steam ahead’

Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg recently said that the company’s strategy of improving its workforce and increasing efficiency has been going well.

The company has increased its workforce by over 100,000 people in the past few years.

The executive, who was recently named chairman of the board of directors, also said that Boeing is on the “full steam forward” toward achieving its goals.

In a tweet, Muilenberg wrote, “I am on a full steam ahead with the next steps for the company.

We have accomplished a lot of things and we are making progress every day.


Muilenburg also praised the efforts of the team in his previous roles at Boeing and Lockheed Martin.

He said that he and his team are working on “all fronts” to achieve the company goals, and that the aerospace company is doing well.

“We are seeing incredible success in all of our areas,” Muilbeck said.

“I have great respect for the entire team and their efforts and dedication to achieving the company-wide goals that we have set.”

Sources: Buzzfeed, Forbes,, Business Insider

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