IBM, Microsoft Optimize Engine to Help With Optimization of AI in Automotive

IBM is announcing that it has developed a new AI-optimized optimization engine to help automate the process of building automated driving systems, including those that take into account various driver inputs such as speed and lane position.

The new engine, named Optimize, is a cloud-based tool that enables AI to learn from the driver’s experience and apply that knowledge to the design of the system, as well as to identify the most optimal solution.

“This new AI engine will allow us to automate a whole range of complex tasks, from predicting traffic volumes to identifying the best way to reduce carbon emissions,” said Jim Lee, vice president of AI at IBM.

“By enabling AI to use the experience and insights of human drivers to help improve its designs, we can deliver systems that are safer, smarter, and more efficient.”

Optimize’s first release is available for developers today.

IBM plans to launch an official open source release later this year.

“As we move forward, we will continue to work closely with partners, including Microsoft, on optimizing the platform and bringing the benefits of AI to automotive,” Lee said.