Optimizer optimization engine now runs on Android, Linux, Mac, Windows and more

Optimizer engine is now on Android and Linux.

It is now possible to run on Windows, Mac and Linux as well.

The tool is available for download in the Google Play Store. 

Google says that optimization engines are an important part of the developer workflow.

“They allow us to create a better user experience for developers who want to create apps for Android, Windows, Linux and Apple’s macOS platforms,” said a Google spokesperson.

The developer portal has an option to use the Optimizer Engine on Windows and Mac. 

Optimizer now available on Android article Google has added an option in the developer portal to run Optimizer on Android.

“We’ve always had a very good relationship with Android, but we’re finally opening the door to running Optimizer across all platforms,” the Google spokesperson told us.

The company has also been working with Microsoft to bring Optimizer to the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft says that the new Optimizer will be a big addition to the developer experience on Android platforms.

“As a developer who has been building on Windows for a while, Optimizer makes it easier to build and test apps for mobile and tablet devices,” Microsoft said in a blog post. 

 Optizer on Linux, macOS and Windows are available now.

Google has been working on optimizing the Google Search experience on Linux and Windows for some time.

The search engine on Linux is being improved to improve search results, which Google said were not as relevant on mobile devices.

Google also says that it is continuing to work on optimizing search for Android.