Google has just announced an engineering optimization class

Google has launched a new course that offers a comprehensive overview of engineering optimization.

The course, called Engineering Optimization: Design Thinking, Implementation, and Deployment, is aimed at “developers who are actively pursuing high-impact business opportunities,” the company said.

The class is a mix of hands-on learning and a focus on design thinking, a skill that is being used more often by organizations to drive efficiency and effectiveness.

In the course, you’ll learn how to design for different scenarios.

The instructor will show you the importance of design thinking and how it can help solve problems faster.

Design thinking involves the understanding of how your organization can achieve a desired outcome.

It also has to do with how to effectively communicate your plans and goals.

The company’s announcement comes a day after Google announced it will be partnering with design-thinking company Pixels to create an “engineering optimization course.”

The company also plans to launch an engineering training course for designers in the coming weeks.

“We’re pleased to announce a new engineering optimization education course that focuses on design,” Google wrote in a blog post.

“This course is a great addition to our ongoing engineering optimization initiative.

Design-thinking skills can make a world of difference and make your job easier.”

Google’s course is targeted at companies looking to increase their business efficiency.

“Design thinking is about understanding how to deliver your products, services, and applications efficiently,” the course explains.

“It is also about how to communicate your business goals and objectives.

These are the same skills that are needed to efficiently design for a wide range of real-world problems.”

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