What to know about the Trump administration’s proposed $1.4 trillion border wall

A proposal to build a massive wall along the U.S.-Mexico border has been the focus of President Donald Trump’s recent efforts to get tough on illegal immigration, as well as his pledge to rebuild the U of M.

The wall is being touted by the administration as a way to help protect Americans from the surge of migrants pouring into the country, a phenomenon that Trump himself acknowledged as “a big problem” when he announced his bid for president.

The idea of a massive border wall has received little attention in the past year, despite the fact that it is a critical part of Trump’s immigration plan.

Trump has been pushing for a border wall for a long time, and it is still unclear what the White House will actually do with it.

The president has said repeatedly that the wall is a “terrible idea” and has said that the idea was a joke.

While the proposal is not exactly groundbreaking, it has received significant attention.

In a series of tweets in February, Trump said that he would “end the sanctuary cities, sanctuary policies, and all of the rest of the bad decisions made by the Obama administration.”

He added, “Now I am going to make Mexico pay for it.”

Mexico has so far resisted Trump’s demands for the wall, which he has called “illegal.”

But the administration is now moving forward with plans for a “temporary” wall that could be installed by mid-July.

The proposed wall will be built by contractors, rather than border patrol agents, and will be paid for by Mexico.

Mexico would be expected to reimburse the U,M.

for the construction costs.

The government would also have to pay for the walls’ maintenance.

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