Why Are They Doing It?: Why Engineers Are Thinking More About Engineering than Physics

The way engineers think about their work is not the only thing that’s changed over the past two decades, according to a new book by the MIT graduate students behind the popular Thinking More Like Physics, the book that started it all.

In this episode of the Thinking More like Physics podcast, the MIT team discusses what the new book has to say about why engineers are thinking more like physicists than physicists are about why some people think physics is the way to go, and how it might explain why they are not as interested in working in physics as they used to.

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The Thinking More more like Physics series of episodes includes the following: What the authors were thinking when they wrote Thinking More than Physics: Thinking more like physics (2016) Thinking more than physics: A new take on thinking (2015) Thinking like physics: How to think like physicists (2014) Thinking Like Physics: How we’re doing physics (2013) Thinking Thinking like physicists: Why we’re not interested in physics (2012) Thinking More Unlike Physics: More like physicists, but without the physics (2011) Thinking Not Like Physics (2010) Thinking less like physicists?

(2009) Thinking better like physicists?: How to talk more like mathematicians (2008) Thinking Less Like Physics?

(2007) What the scientists are thinking about when they work in physics: Why are some people more interested in what’s going on in the world than in their own work?

Why are they not as excited about working in the field as they once were?

And why do some people see their interests as more scientific than their scientific careers?

This episode also includes interviews with the authors, plus more thoughts on why physicists are thinking like physicists.

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