What the heck is Google News?

Google has released an update for its search engine that gives you a better experience when browsing and using Google Search.

The update is available on the Google Play store and can be downloaded for free from the app store.

The new version of Google News has a new interface and looks like this.

The app also offers a lot of new features and improvements.

The most significant of these is a new option to use a different search engine.

The old version of the app was only supported by Google.

The new version is now available for all major search engines, including Bing, Yahoo and Microsoft.

Google’s update to its search app also adds a new feature called ‘Google Stories’.

These are short, interactive articles that can be viewed offline or online.

The article is meant to show you what’s going on with Google’s search engine and give you the best possible experience.

The app will also give you suggestions about what you should read in the article, as well as the relevant search terms.

Google has also tweaked the way it displays results in its search results page.

Previously, results would display in a way that made them appear to be from Google, but this is no longer the case.

The search engine now shows results from all search engines that are relevant to the topic at hand.

Google News also includes a new ‘Search For’ function that allows you to find other people using the same search terms as you are using the app.

This is an important feature for Google News users, as it allows them to share the same content as others.

The Search For feature has been added to Google’s website and will be available for free to all users of the search engine once it becomes available.

Google is still planning to release a number of other updates to the Google search app.

These updates will be rolled out over time as the company continues to develop new features.