How to avoid VR sickness, but don’t want to miss out on your first experience

An immersive engineering tool developed by Microsoft is the first to show how you can overcome the discomfort that VR can cause when you try to navigate a 3D environment without actually seeing it.

The tool, called Oculus Experience, uses the cameras inside your head to create an immersive environment for you to experience in virtual reality, and it is designed to help you make your first virtual experience a memorable one.

The technology is being showcased at Microsoft’s Build conference, and Microsoft says that the software has been tested to work on the Rift and Oculus Touch virtual reality headsets.

Oculus Experience uses the Oculus cameras and Oculus SDK to create a virtual environment in which you can move around inside.

In this example, a man wearing a VR headset walks around a room while his partner holds on to a headset.

The user then uses a cursor to move around a virtual room, while the headset captures their movement.

Microsoft has also built a virtual reality simulator for developers to use.

In its demo, a woman wearing a headset and a virtual avatar walks around an office.

This time, the woman moves her head to the left to interact with her virtual partner.

The virtual avatar’s face is shown behind the woman’s eyes, and the avatar’s head and hands move with her.

Microsoft says the software will work with most VR headsets, but it recommends developers use the Oculus SDK for the Rift.

The VR demo also uses a VR camera to show the environment around the user and shows the virtual user’s movements in real time.

Oculus also says that Oculus Experience is able to handle motion sickness, and users can turn on and off the software.

While this is an immersive experience, it does require some physical interaction with your body to get the best experience.

You can try the Oculus Experience demo right now for free at the Microsoft Store, or you can buy the software at $19.99.

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