Kia’s ‘optima’ engine has a huge hit, but it could be a big one for 2018

Business Insider/Alistair MacLean The Kia Optima is the company’s latest hybrid SUV, and its a pretty good one.

Kia, the Japanese automaker, just unveiled the KiaOptima, the company ‘s first hybrid SUV to go on sale in the US.

The Optima has an all-electric powertrain, and it uses a new all-wheel-drive architecture that lets the car take the place of a conventional SUV, thanks to an array of electronic, driver assist, and autonomous systems.

It comes with a range of different electric and gasoline options.

While the car does come with a 3.8-liter V6 diesel engine, it doesn’t get any electric assist.

Instead, Kia says it will deliver “better fuel economy, fuel efficiency, and emissions reduction through its all-new all-aluminum engine” in 2018.

Kia’s all-all-aluminium engine is a new generation of its 1.4-liter turbo diesel engine that Kia built around a twin-turbo four-cylinder engine, with a turbocharger and compressor.

That engine uses a supercharger to create the power that powers the all-terrain vehicle.

Kia says that its all aluminum engine will provide the same fuel economy as a conventional diesel, with the same 0-to-60 mph acceleration time of 6.5 seconds and a top speed of 155 mph.

At the same time, the Optima will get an all new driver assistance system that it calls the KIA Optima Vision.

The Optima’s vision will include automatic lane departure warning, lane departure assist, lane-hopping alert, and lane-departure warning.

The system will also feature an automatic lane-change warning, so you won’t have to wait for the next turn.KIA Optimalas new driver assist system uses an array system of sensors and computers to determine the best way to drive the car.

The software will also determine how long you should be driving in certain conditions.

For example, the software will suggest a lane-switching lane at 70 miles per hour if the car is in a high-speed zone and 70 mph if the vehicle is cruising at a lower speed.

The Optimala Vision will also include the ability to switch between front- and rear-view mirrors, as well as the ability for the driver to switch from “stealth mode” to “passenger mode” using a button on the dashboard.

It’s not clear if Kia is planning to sell the Optimalamaze Vision or its own version, but Kia does not currently have a Kia Vision with a rear-facing camera.

As for what Kia can do with the Optimas vision, the automaker says it can “optimally enhance driving experience by improving the driving experience, including driving safety and lane departure time.”

Kia also says it is able to “optimize the vehicle’s powertrain to deliver more fuel economy and greater fuel efficiency.”

The new Optima engine will come with three powertrain options: gasoline, electric, and hybrid.

Kias gas-powered Optima comes with the usual gasoline engine, while the electric Optima gets a hybrid engine.

The hybrid Optima can go as high as 170 miles per gallon.

The next-generation Kiaoptima, which Kia calls the Optiva, is expected to come out later this year.