Why is a Google Play developer having to pay for the latest version of its app?

Optima Engine, an optimization engine that was first launched in the Apple App Store in 2014, was recently updated to fix a bug that caused it to display incorrect numbers for some apps.

Google’s app store has had a history of having to provide developers with a free update, which usually comes after the app is in the public beta stage.

Google recently announced a new feature to help developers get a free upgrade to the latest stable version of the Google Play Store.

However, the update, dubbed Optima 2.5, is only available to developers who have opted into Google’s paid subscription.

It includes fixes for bugs and performance improvements.

Google also has a new version of Android that is designed to be used for developer and customer support.

Google has been slowly releasing more stable Android versions to the public for the past two years.

But the company has been keeping a tight lid on when it releases its new updates, and the current version is only a few months old.

“We are working hard to keep it as small as possible,” said an official on Google’s internal testing team, referring to the new version.

Optima, which is the company’s internal version of Google’s App Engine, is used to manage the optimization of Google Search and the Google+ social network.

Google does not provide the developer with a cost for the new update, but the company is asking developers to provide the cost for it.

According to Google, Optima 1.0.5 was released in late October, and it included fixes for issues with certain Google Play Services.

OptimAce, which provides a service that automatically analyzes Android app performance, also released the update.

The Google Play Service Optima engine is one of Google Play’s most popular optimization tools.

Google provides the Optima software to developers and their customers for free, so developers are happy to have it.

Google Play is the largest software marketer in the world, with an estimated total revenue of over $60 billion.