How to make your own Instagram-style filters app engine

OptimEngine, the software that powers Instagram, has recently been updated to add support for Google’s new AI-powered API, called Machine Learning, and has become the first company to offer a fully-automated filter app engine.

OptimEngine allows developers to integrate filters and extensions with their Instagram apps without requiring developers to download and install a separate app engine and install Google’s SDK.

“We wanted to make it easy for users to build filters with OptimEngine and make them easy to extend to their own apps, so that users could be able to use filters from Instagram without having to install any separate app,” said David Bresch, CEO of OptimEngine.

Optima engine was launched by the likes of Facebook and Instagram in September and is available to developers now.

“Our focus at OptimEngine has always been on the creation of better, more engaging experiences for Instagram users, so we’re excited to be the first app that supports Machine Learning,” said Bresh.

“Instagram filters can now be optimized using algorithms and built into the app, making it easier for Instagram developers to create a great experience for their users.”

Optimengine has been available to Instagram developers for a few months, but it is still not yet ready for general use.

However, Instagram has promised it will roll out the feature to the platform in the coming weeks.

The app engine can also be used to speed up Instagram photos by caching them in the cloud.

Optimo engine is not just an extension to Instagram.

It also integrates with Instagram’s other photo-editing features, including a tool called QuickEdit to help developers create filters and customisations, and a new social network for Instagram, called Instagram Photos.

OptimalEngine has been developed by a team of engineering engineers at Instagram.

The company, which has over 700 employees in the US and Canada, recently announced that it was planning to launch a Chinese branch, but no official announcement has been made.