NHL team to use a ‘personalization engine’ to boost ratings

The Edmonton Oilers have decided to use personalization in the development of their analytics engine, which will be used to target advertising.

According to a memo from the team, which was obtained by CBC News, the team will use an engine known as Olfins to optimize the rankings for the Oilers and their home games.

Olfins is a proprietary analytics platform developed by Kia Motors, a Japanese auto parts manufacturer.

It uses machine learning and machine learning algorithms to help companies build customized online experiences.

Oafins is also used in some other automotive applications.

The Oilers’ analytics department will be working with the company’s data scientist, Jeff Anderson, on a new analytics engine that will be built to be more tailored to the Oilers’ usage.

Oilers officials said the team is still evaluating the technology, but they hope it will help boost the team’s online presence.

“We’re still working through the research, the technical aspects of the engine and how we will integrate it into the existing Olfens experience,” said Scott Mellor, Oilers VP of marketing and communications.

Anderson said the Edmonton Oilers’ algorithm is still under development and it will likely take several years to fully integrate it with the team.

“That’s why we are working with a data scientist,” he said.

“The more information we have, the better we can make our recommendations.”

The team has also been working on an analytics system that will target ads based on the amount of time spent watching video on the site.

The team said it is in the process of identifying advertisers for the new tool.

In addition, the Oilers are working on a system that analyzes the way in which users use the site, which could help advertisers determine which of their ads to run.

The team also plans to create a social media dashboard that will allow advertisers to connect with fans and players and create targeted advertising.

The new engine will help the team improve its digital advertising strategy, which is expected to be rolled out in the fall.

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