How to optimize a blog post with a clex engine

Optimize a blog using a cax engine article You can easily optimize a content article by writing the same content twice, with the cax optimizer.This article explains how to create a cx engine with an optimization engine and write the same article twice.This is an excellent tool for building and maintaining content that will be […]

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What is Engineering?

Tech Crunch article Engineers work in a variety of different industries, but engineering is a particular field that is often overlooked by the general public.Engineering is a very technical and scientific field that focuses on designing, engineering, and building products and services that improve people’s lives.It involves a number of different disciplines including robotics, engineering […]

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Optima Engine Recall to Help Users Avoid Embarrassment with Embarrassing Embarrassments

With Optima’s recent recall, users will now have the option of using the company’s free app, which makes navigating the site navigable for search engine optimization (SEO) optimizations.Users can also use the Optima app in Safari, Firefox and Chrome.Optima said that the recall was triggered by a bug that affected about 10% of its mobile […]

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Why are you so happy? With an energy savings of 30% on your cars

FOX NEWS — A new energy efficiency tool is making the car look better on the road.Fox News contributor and energy optimization engineer Daniel Koehl explains the tools, why they are useful and what it takes to take them to the next level.FOXNEWS: So you’ve got this new engine optimization tool called Optimizely Engine Temperature.It […]

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How to Build an Optima Engine

By now, most readers have heard of Optima, the engine that powers the popular Google Analytics service.Google Analytics uses a proprietary algorithm to rank websites according to what they’re worth.Optima is a special kind of algorithm that takes the same information it collects from users and uses it to rank sites according to a particular […]

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Why we can’t rely on our eyes as our best indicators of health

Optimization engineers and engineers at other companies may not be the smartest people to look at the data, but they can help you.A new survey conducted by the consulting firm Optimization Engineer Insights reveals that a surprisingly large number of engineers are in denial about their health and the state of their bodies.While it’s true […]

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