How to optimise the sound of an airplane engine

A new approach to optimizing the sound and sound quality of an aircraft engine could reduce emissions and save lives by reducing the noise produced, according to research by University of Waterloo.Researchers have used the computer model of a modern airplane engine to investigate how the sound would change depending on the speed and thrust […]

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A luminous engine with RFI optimization

By now you may be thinking, “Why is RFI an optimization?”The RFI problem is very hard, and it’s not the only one.It’s not even the most important optimization problem in the world.However, it’s very hard for many reasons.RFI is an important optimization in the software engineering world, and its a big deal for the industry.For […]

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How To Use An Engine To Improve The Sound Of Your Video Game

I’m often asked about optimizing engines in games.A lot of games make use of engines, but it’s not something I’ve ever seen in practice.A few years ago, I worked with a team to create an engine for a game.We had a large game engine and had to implement a bunch of different optimizations.The game was […]

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